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XMLTricks provides High Quality Efficient Automated Conversion Services from any Format (PDF, Hard Copy, Quark, InDesign, Word etc.) to XML/SGML, NIMAS, eBooks, Image Conversions etc.


Our Data conversion division possesses great expertise in creating an accessible archive that requires capturing and preserving the words, page layouts, photos and illustrations.

Our expert staff can prepare content for databases, electronic publishing and for online delivery through the web. XMLTricks provides conversion services to transform or migrate content from any digital or print format, validate it against a specific DTD and return a well-formed, validated and accurate document.

We processes thousands of HTML, SGML, XML and PDF files annually

E-books XML/SGML Any format to Word
  • OEB Standards
  • Adobe eBook
  • Microsoft eBook(lit)
  • Franklin eBook
  • Rocket eBook
  • Quark/InDesign to XML/SGML
  • Word/PDF to SGML/XML
  • Penta to SGML/XML
  • MathML
  • Quark to Word
  • PDF to Word
  • 3B2 to Word
  • SGML/XML to Word